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Issue when using Chrome

Started 22 Jan at 08:45am GMT, resolved 23 Jan at 02:50pm GMT.


We have identified that Aize has been incorrectly identified (False Positive) as a security threat.
To implement a local fix for this issue our customers can unblock Aize by following the steps below: (must be performed by a administrator)
Go to
Settings -> Endpoints -> Indicators -> add "" as an approved domain

Aize are working with the relevant 3rd parties to validate there is no security threat from Aize and remove the need for customers to implement a local policy to resolve the issue.

Posted 23 Jan at 02:50pm GMT.

We are aware of an issue when using Chrome to access Portal. If you receive a warning stating “Something went wrong when fetching your applications” please retry using Edge. If you continue to experience issues, please contact Aize Support.

Posted 22 Jan at 08:45am GMT.